Larian Beer Coaster (Pack of 4)

Bring the vibes of a cozy tavern to your home with the Larian coaster pack! This collection of 4 coasters features Larian branding and is made with 100% cork. Protect your furniture today! 


€15.00 VAT included

Crafted from the finest and most eco-friendly materials known to adventurers, these cork beer coasters are as sturdy as a knight's shield and as stylish as a wizard's robe. 

Gather your party, grab your drinks, and let Larian Beer Coasters transport you to a world where sipping on a beverage feels as legendary as slaying a boss monster. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a new recruit to the realm of video games and tabletop adventures, these coasters are a must-have addition to your gaming arsenal.


  • Our coasters come in a set of four, each adorned with a Larian design.
  • Coaster thickness: 3mm
  • Diameter: 93mm
  • Material: Cork

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