Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Golden Vinyl

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The Divinity: Original Sin II Vinyl Soundtrack is finally back in stock! Produced in Germany by Optimal Media and mastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio.

Pressed onto limited edition opaque gold & red 180g vinyl and housed in full-coloured printed inner sleeves, this soundtrack also includes a download code for the full digital album (42 tracks) and a 8 page piano score transcribed by the composer, Borislav Slavov himself. So if you’re itching to satisfy your inner Bard, send us your covers!

Full track listing for Vinyl:

A01 Divinity - Original Sin 2 (Main Theme)

A02 Mead, Gold and Blood (Ifan's Theme)

A03 Symphony of the Void

A04 Rivellon

A05 Welcome to Fort Joy

A06 A Part of Their Story

A07 Reflections from the Past


B01 Quirky Bones

B02 Dancing with the Source

B03 Dancing with the Source (Cello Version)

B04 Dancing with the Source (Tambura Version)

B05 Dancing with the Source (Bansuri Version)

B06 Dancing with the Source (Oud Version)

B07 Sing for Me (Lohse Version)

B08 Amber Ale


C01 A Single Drop of Magic

C02 Sebille's Theme

C03 Path of the Godwoken

C04 A Tear in the Veil

C05 Divine's Lament


D01 Fane's Theme

D02 Sins and Gods (Choir Version)

D03 Red Prince Theme

D04 The Queen's High Seas (Beast's Theme)

D05 The Battle of Divinity

D06 Sins and Gods - Revelation


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