Baldur’s Gate 3 Vinyl

Relive the adventure on 180 gram audiophile format vinyl with the complete soundtrack to Larian Studios' critically acclaimed video game Baldur's Gate 3.

€59.00 VAT included

Shipping Summer 2024

  • 3x LP 180 gram in antistatic sleeves
  • Gatefold jacket with high-resolution original artwork
  • Unique paintings on both sides of the packaging
  • Exclusive cover design by Magdalena Katańska
  • Remastered for vinyl by Matthias Adloff
  • Full soundtrack by Borislav Slavov


Relive the adventure on vinyl with the complete soundtrack to Larian Studios' critically acclaimed video game Baldur's Gate 3.  Produced by Gamemusic Records and presented across three LPs, this box set contains the stirring compositions of award winning composer Borislav Slavov, meticulously remastered for vinyl and features hand-painted cover artwork infused with hues of ceremorphosis purple.



  1. Main Theme Part I
  2. Main Theme Part II
  3. Mind Flayer Theme
  4. Who Are You
  5. Nine Blades
  6. Quest for a Cure
  7. Lead Your Fights


  1. Harpy Song
  2. Weeping Dawn
  3. Cunning Cruel Crits
  4. The Cult of the Absolute
  5. Sixteen Strikes
  6. The Colors of Underdark
  7. Twisted Force
  8. Shadows, Curse and Death


  1. Last Light
  2. Old Time Battles Part I
  3. I Want To Live (Instrumental Version)
  4. Nightsong
  5. The Power (Choral Version)
  6. Old Time Battles (Bard Version)
  7. The Power (Orchestral Version)


  1. A Threat from Nether Years
  2. Surgery of a Hope
  3. Last Shelter
  4. The Odds Are Cast Anew
  5. Gather Your Allies!
  6. Dream Walk (Instrumental Version)
  7. Bard Dance


  1. Wash My Dreams Away
  2. Song of Balduran
  3. The Legacy of Bhaal
  4. Elder Brain
  5. Forging the Fate
  6. The Road to Baldur’s Gate
  7. Raphael’s Final Act


  1. The Grand Design (Requiem)
  2. Old Time Battles Part II
  3. Down by the River
  4. I Want to Live (Classical Version)
  5. Main Theme Part III
  6. I Want to Live
  7. The Power (Credits Song)

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